Harvest Rotas

We harvest each Saturday morning at our Runfold site until the end of 2016, and then from our growing site in Dippenhall from 2017 onwards. For this we rely on 3-6 members and volunteers each week (depending on time of year) to help the volunteer team leaders pick the vegetables that will be going into everyone’s share. Anyone is welcome to harvest any Saturday; we start promptly at 9:30am and are normally finished between midday and 1pm.

Whilst there is no obligation to harvest, and we recognise some members are not able to spare the time on a Saturday, you will see from the rota below that we ideally need members to sign for at least ONE and preferably TWO slots between January and March. The more people who turn up each week, the easier and quicker it is for us to harvest and ensure members get a quality share.

We would appreciate it if you could add your name on the rota below in the blank spaces, or where it says VOLUNTEER REQD. If you have any questions on harvesting please contact John by email.

Thanks for your help.

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