FLF runs on volunteer help and we can reduce both our expenses and your clutter by accepting donations of specific items that help us to run our sites. We probably cannot pay for them but can almost always collect.

Currently, we are looking for the following specific items:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Gardening tools especially forks, spades
  • General tools esp. socket set, screwdrivers, claw hammer
  • Scythe
  • Hose connectors of all kinds
  • Fabric, old curtains and clothes for recycling into bags (for our Morsbag project)
  • Wooden boards, 12cm wide or more
  • Galvanised Nails and Staples
  • Plant labels
  • Wooden, metal or (strong) plastic Venetian blinds – for use as plant labels
  • Marker pens (permanent) – for writing on labels
  • Whiteboard marker pens
  • 2.5m long wooden poles
  • Mousetraps!
  • Cash…

At the moment we have enough of the following but they may be added back into the main list later:

  • Deer fencing.
  • Shovels.

Please Contact Us by any method if you can offer any of the above.

We’re really grateful for the support of various organisations and individuals. Info about our Sponsors is here.

Last updated 30/07/2013

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