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The vegetables we grow are local to Farnham but just how local are the members who take a share each week? Kerstin has updated the map (thanks to Google Maps) and here is the result, early in 2014:Few people travel a long way to collect their veg. and that’s the way we like it.

Better still, many have teamed up with others locally to make up Distribution Groups. (All non-blue pointers on the map are formed groups)  If you find it difficult to get down every week to pick up your veg maybe you can team up with some members who are very local to you and take it in turns?  Please contact us if you would like to join a group or form a new one and we’ll put you in touch.

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  1. Hi, just read the recipe for Dal Makhani (or Badhi dal) as we call it, looks good. We usually add mixture of Amchur, Red chilli pd, dhania pd. on top and a tablespoon of hot oil to temper the masala. Tastes yum too!

  2. Gerri says:

    To minimise traffic, food-miles and congestion in the carpark on Saturday afternoons, FLF Veg Scheme Members are encouraged to form Distribution Groups.
    If you would like to start or join a Distribution Group with people living close to you, please let us know. Or maybe you prefer not to be in a group, but would like to know who lives close to you and could pick up your veg in an emergency? Again, please get in touch.

    Being part of a distribution group means you organise yourselves to take it in turns to pick up each other’s veg.

    More distribution groups have been formed since the above map was published, but it gives a good enough idea. Our veg scheme members extend to Farnborough and Fleet in the north, Puttenham in the east, Bordon in the south and Alton in the west.

    A note on the data: members are mapped by post code only, to keep things approximate, and no names are displayed in any maps we publish. However, in order to know who is who on the actual map your names are set up against your post code. The map is held on Googlemap and is not shared with anyone.

  3. Kerstin says:

    Thank you David for posting the map.

    We currently have 4 distribution groups: purple, green, blue pin, pink.

    All members marked with a red sticker would like to join a distribution group and have not been set up in a group yet (that’s for next season).

    Before we start into the main season I will email everyone to find out if they would like to join a distribution group.

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