When can I pick up my first share?
You will receive an email from Gerri telling you the date from which your weekly veg share has been allocated.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
We encourage you to bring a box or carrier bag for your veg.

Where shall I park?
Parking instructions at Runfold can be found on the ‘How to find us‘ tab at the top of the page.

How do I get to where the produce is stored?
From the car park there are signs that lead you to a wooded walkway. The yurt which houses our produce is clearly visible at the end of the path.

How will I be able to recognise the produce?
The veg should be clearly marked. There will be someone there who can help if you are not sure. The items and quantities are shown on a whiteboard in the yurt.

What if I cannot pick up my veg?
Please try to allocate this task to someone else (member or non member) if you are not available and explain to them the procedure. Or perhaps join a local distribution group to help with collection (see below)  If this is not possible, please call or text the Harvest Co-ordinator for the day on the special mobile number listed on our Contact Us page, who will ensure that your allocation is set aside for you.  Please note however in the very hot weather, as the produce is not refrigerated, some items may wilt and not retain freshness very well.
If produce has not been collected within 3 days without prior arrangement it will be given to the gift box.

I’m going on holiday what happens to my share?
As per our terms and conditions you are free to allow friends or other members to collect your share on your behalf.  Any recompense for this will be between you and the collector.  If you are happy to simply not collect your share please signify this on your collection sheet before you go away and we will put it in the Gift box for others.

I can’t always get to Runfold every week and I want to be part of a local distribution group. What should I do?
Please e-mail us at info@farnhamfood.com confirming that you are happy for your contact details be shared with other share scheme recipients in your immediate vicinity and we will put you in touch with your nearest distribution group.  It is then up to you to arrange the sharing of collection duties.

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