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  1. sarah says:

    I’m a Farnham mum with a young family (a daughter aged 12 and two boys aged 7 and 5)

    If I had a bigger garden I would like to think I would grow my own. But the truth of it is I don’t have a clue about the best way to get a good harvest for the whole season. I don’t know what to plant when, what soil my seedlings would like, how to get more from my plants and how to harvest them. And what happens when I go away? Who is going to make sure everything is watered and looked after properly?
    I am beginning to understand exactly what goes in to nurturing a plant to make sure it produces the best possible fruit. How to avoid pests like slugs and snails, rabbits and deer in an organic way. Which plants like a lot of water and which prefer less. How to thin carrots and how to plant corn on the cob.

    I’m also getting fitter! When I help out with digging and other physical tasks I really feel that I have used muscles that I wouldn’t normally use and know that I have had a good work out exercising in the fresh air.

    An important thing for me is that my kids love it at Runfold. They always want to come with me when I go to help out and they never want to leave, even if they have been there all day. Often there are other kids around and they always seem to find some game or other to play. I’m happy that they want to come. It’s a chance for me to get them educated about how food gets onto the table and they love to get involved with watering and harvesting. The best bit is they are out in the fresh air getting some exercise in a safe environment and not sitting in front of the TV!!

    Finally, I love being part of this community project that strives to bring local people together who want the same things I do. Thank you Farnham Local Food!

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