So you’ve signed up to our share scheme and you are getting some weird and wonderful veg you’ve no idea how to prepare! You need some help on how to cook them and some ideas on delicious recipes.  Please find below recipes kindly supplied by our members. Please submit your recipe ideas to

Shark’s Fin Melon Soup

Sharksfin melon soup

Not a shark in sight

Take from Noob Cook
The key ingredients are pork ribs, melon, wolfberries and red dates. The rest of the ingredients are optional, feel free to adapt or omit according to what you have in your pantry.

Serves: 2-3 Prep
Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins

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Courgette Crisis? Not here!

This winter at FLF there’s no Courgette Crisis, the new codename for a supposed nationwide shortage of green veg. If you want courgettes at this time of year they have to be flown or driven from Italy or Spain, anyway. Our members don’t expect them at this time of year. We’re used to seasonal veg and enjoy our own wonderful cabbage, flower sprouts, cauliflowers and other local veg each week.

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Mini-plums in the share? They’re Bullaces

The little plums in the share last Saturday are Britain’s wild plums, also known as Bullaces, from the hedge at West Farm. They’re related to sloes but far less sour and used to be the standard until choice plum varieties such as Victoria were introduced.

They are quite ‘dry’ (astringent) and are not great raw but really tasty stewed with Demerara or Muscovado sugar. Don’t bother trying to soak off the skins. Removing the small stones is a pain, too. I’ve a chip pan strainer that works well for removing plum stones but these little bullets go through the mesh! Ideas and inventions welcome.

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Chard Recipes Wanted

flf-july-043-1280x960-300x225Can anyone offer some inspiring ideas for recipes using chard? We are rather short on the recipe page and more than one person has asked about chard recipes. One member said she used it for pesto but I never got her to spell out the detail of whether she steamed, hot soaked or used it raw, and what else she added (sorry I don’t know you name). I hope you’ll fill me in!
So with many shares of chard to come please write a recipe or comment on our web site!
(Other good veg recipes you’ve tried are welcome too).


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Rocket recipes – Saturday April 9th

Try these one to use the Rocket mix & garlic in today’s share

  • Cheesy rocket scones (really easy!)
  • Rocket & walnut pesto (and vegan version)
  • Potato, garlic & rocket soup

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Savoy cabbage recipe links

Try one of these recipes using the fantastic savoy cabbages in this week’s share! Continue reading

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Celeriac Recipes

Looking for some inspiration for the Celeriac that was in your share this week ?

Here is a few ideas …

Celeriac, pear and blue cheese soup or

Celeriac & carrot rosti cake with remoulade sauce

Celeriac, leek, chestnut & cranberry pie

Celeriac and cauliflower curry

Celeriac salad with walnuts, olive oil &  lemon and pomegranate dressing

Celeriac, mushroom & tomato lasagna

Celeriac butternut squash lasagna


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Jerusalem Artichoke recipes

jerusalem artichokes

Looking for some inspiration for the Jerusalem Artichokes that were in your share this week?

Here’s few ideas, kindly compiled by Alison:

Jerusalem Artichoke, Celeriac and apple soup (vegan)
The recipe items

Jerusalem Artichoke and Kale Gratin (Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) lifestyle – 3rd January 2014

Jerusalem Artichoke, radicchio and pear salad ( Thomasina Miers) lifestyle – 20 November 2015

Jerusalem Artichoke, lentil and wild mushroom warm salad recipes – 17th January 2011

Jerusalem Artichoke Gnocchi (vegan & gluten-free)

Jerusalem Artichoke and Banana Cake

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Blackcurrant cake recipes

If you need a bit of inspiration for using the blackcurrants and have made all the jam, sorbet, coulis & syrup you need the following recipes for blackcurrant drizzle cake,  blackcurrant tea bread and blackcurrant & almond cake (gluten free) are worth a try  — the drizzle cake seemed to go down well with the team harvesting this morning! Continue reading

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