Jerusalem Artichoke recipes

jerusalem artichokes

Looking for some inspiration for the Jerusalem Artichokes that were in your share this week?

Here’s few ideas, kindly compiled by Alison:

Jerusalem Artichoke, Celeriac and apple soup (vegan)
The recipe items

Jerusalem Artichoke and Kale Gratin (Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) lifestyle – 3rd January 2014

Jerusalem Artichoke, radicchio and pear salad ( Thomasina Miers) lifestyle – 20 November 2015

Jerusalem Artichoke, lentil and wild mushroom warm salad recipes – 17th January 2011

Jerusalem Artichoke Gnocchi (vegan & gluten-free)

Jerusalem Artichoke and Banana Cake

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Moving Jim, our splendidly mobile polytunnel

Yes, Jim the Polytunnel has moved to winter residence and is now back to it’s original location on the field. Here’s a short video of how we do it.

We have to make sure that any crops in between where we are moving the tunnel from and where we are moving it to are no more than a foot high, otherwise they’ll get pushed over by the horizontal bracing and tow-bar. So this season we have a bed full of spinach, mooli and turnips that Jim has to be moved over, to settle on top of our winter salad crops of frilly mustards, spicy salad mixed leaves, beet leaves, endives, Chinese cabbages and herbs.

Thanks so much to Vince again for the use of his 4×4 and winch, and to all the volunteers who helped. And thank you also to Daniel, our visiting volunteer from Brazil for help on the day, and the film.

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Come to our pre-Christmas Party and AGM, Sat 5 December

Come to our pre-Christmas Party and AGM. Review the year, plan for the future, let us know what you think and celebrate another year of FLF.

Pizzas will be made & cooked on site from 1pm. Food Hub.

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Farnham Local Food Co-operative Ltd will take place at 2pm at our Runfold site. All members are welcome to speak and vote. Non-members are welcome to attend.

David Hepper

Secretary & Chairman

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Fun Fundraising Barn Dance 2015

[tt-event url=’’ minimal=’false’ bg_fill=’true’ show_logo=’true’ ]

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Open General Meeting, July 2014

Our General Meeting on the 11th of this month was primarily to discuss our urgent search for a new Site and our need to find a Grower for when Susie leaves us at the end of this year.

Do take a look at the Minutes, carefully taken and written up by Marlies. Feel free to comment – here, or in person to any board member.

Open Meeting Minutes PDF

David, Secretary

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Blackcurrant cake recipes

If you need a bit of inspiration for using the blackcurrants and have made all the jam, sorbet, coulis & syrup you need the following recipes for blackcurrant drizzle cake,  blackcurrant tea bread and blackcurrant & almond cake (gluten free) are worth a try  — the drizzle cake seemed to go down well with the team harvesting this morning! Continue reading

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.5 – Exposing the Great Romanian Land Grab

Gavin the GrowerHello everybody,

We have now left Romania, where we were meeting Attila Szocs from the organisation ECO RURALIS of peasant farmers, gardeners and consumers. Attila gave us deep insights into the issues of access to land and land grabbing in Romania. He combines high motivation and enthusiasm with profound knowledge and courageous search for justice. Coming to Romania after filming in France, Catalunya and Italy was like entering a different world that would have been familiar to my grandparents. Beautiful landscape full of farms and gardens, small streets, horse carts, strong rural culture, sunshine, Palinka and hearty food. Continue reading

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Growing into The Challenge

We have been having great fun working with a team of volunteers from the National Citizen Service (NCS).  They have been learning about what we do here in our fields, fundraising and coming up with some great ideas to promote eating healthily.  Launching #SELFIEwithaveg.

Thank you to them and the Surrey and Hants News for covering our search for new land to be able to continue this fantastic project on their front page this week.

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.4 – Travelling to Romania

Gavin the GrowerJust a quick update 11/07 by email:

… we’ve crossed Slovenia and are now about 2/3 across Hungary on the our way to Romania. We hope to be there by 8pm tonight, perhaps. The trip is generally going really well. The travelling is understandably tiring, but the projects are very interesting and inspirational.


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Gavin’s Travelogue No.3 – Italia

Gavin the GrowerCiao!

We are on the road again after visiting Rome!

In Rome, Marta Di Pierro (AIAB Lazio) welcomed us and arranged an insightful and highly enjoyable stay in Italy. We visited 2 farming projects that are excellent examples of access to land for agro-ecological farming. Although the projects are very different they have one similarity: They are both the result of negotiations with public authorities. In Italy considerable parts of agricultural land belong to public authorities (as well as the church). Continue reading

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