FLF and the Supermarket: a Comparison

We compared a recent FLF standard sized share of 9 items, gram for gram, with those from a leading high end supermarket. Although the supermarket was cheaper by 63p, only 4 of the items were available grown to organic principles/organically certified, and the food miles were considerably higher with countries of origin from all over the globe! We also use much less packaging (and what we do use is degradable). In short, buying your veg from FLF is better for you and for the planet!

Courgette Crisis? Not here!

This winter at FLF there’s no Courgette Crisis, the new codename for a supposed nationwide shortage of green veg. If you want courgettes at this time of year they have to be flown or driven from Italy or Spain, anyway. Our members don’t expect them at this time of year. We’re used to seasonal veg and enjoy our own wonderful cabbage, flower sprouts, cauliflowers and other local veg each week.

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This weeks share – 16th July 2016
The Standard share this week: 16 July 2016
The Standard share this week: 16 July 2016

Lindsay and the team of harvesters have done a great job again today of putting together another lovely share!

With beetroot back in the ‘box’, more french beans than you could shake a bamboo cane at, broad beans, a delightful looking mixed salad bag (complete with edible flowers), a healthy helping of basil (over 200g), loads of calabrese (broccoli), cucumbers, courgettes and black currents (in addition to the bought in, locally grown new potatoes). With a standard share still working out at £11.50 a week, and everything grown to organic principles, we are certainly giving the supermarkets a run for their money!

The week before last Gerri kindly did a price comparison of our standard share against what she could find on the supermarkets’ websites. We came out much, much cheaper, with the supermarket equivalent working out costing nearly half as much again! I think that some people are under the impression that obtaining their weekly vegetables via Farnham Local food is less cost effective than the supermarkets. Thank you Gerri for dispelling this myth.

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This period is our hungry gap. We have finished much of our spring/summer/autumn 2013 crops and the new season’s crops 2014 haven’t grown sufficiently yet. During this time we will have to buy in some of our vegetables. This is not an easy solution because most other growers are also running out of crops unless they use supplementary heat and light. So we try to buy from Growers which are as local as possible and as Organic as possible but this is not always achievable…Continue Reading “What will be in your vegetable share in 2014?”


Its nearly here, beautiful fresh veg picked on the morning of the day that you collect them. First harvest is the 15th June and we want to celebrate by firing up the cob oven. This is slow food, a chance to sit around and admire the veg and catch up with friendly local foodies. It is also participative and we will need your help to keep the cob oven stoked and hot. We will provide the dough and ingredients for pizza. Donations invited. If you would…Continue Reading “NEW SEASON FIRST HARVEST”

What on earth is Kohlrabi?!

In the share this week was Kohlrabi, a member from the brassica family.   Originating in Germany the direct translation is Cabbage (Kohl) Turnip (Rabi).

Available last year in the share this should not be too much of a shock for our committed share schemers!

But memories may have faded and who can remember what they did with them last year?  

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