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Kohlrabi salad ideas

A couple recipes (Indian spiced kohlrabi & quinoa and Kohlrabi, beetroot & apple with lime) that are just a bit different from the standard coleslaw .. there is also an Asian salad recipe somewhere on the website if you search!

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Kohlrabi asian salad

Most cookbooks seem to treat Kohlrabi the same as turnip .. but that did not seem quite right for the summer so this quick salad recipe offers a twist on the usual kohl-slaw! It  makes enough for 4-6 as a … Continue reading

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What on earth is Kohlrabi?!

In the share this week was Kohlrabi, a member from the brassica family.   Originating in Germany the direct translation is Cabbage (Kohl) Turnip (Rabi). Available last year in the share this should not be too much of a shock … Continue reading

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