The little plums in the share last Saturday are Britain’s wild plums, also known as Bullaces, from the hedge at West Farm. They’re related to sloes but far less sour and used to be the standard until choice plum varieties such as Victoria were introduced. They are quite ‘dry’ (astringent) and are not great raw but really tasty stewed with Demerara or Muscovado sugar. Don’t bother trying to soak off the skins. Removing the small stones is a pain, too. I’ve a chip pan strainer…Continue Reading “Mini-plums in the share? They’re Bullaces”

Chard Recipes Wanted

Can anyone offer some inspiring ideas for recipes using chard? We are rather short on the recipe page and more than one person has asked about chard recipes. One member said she used it for pesto but I never got her to spell out the detail of whether she steamed, hot soaked or used it raw, and what else she added (sorry I don’t know you name). I hope you’ll fill me in! So with many shares of chard to come please write a recipe…Continue Reading “Chard Recipes Wanted”

Looking for some inspiration for the Celeriac that was in your share this week ? Here is a few ideas … Celeriac, pear and blue cheese soup or Celeriac & carrot rosti cake with remoulade sauce Celeriac, leek, chestnut & cranberry pie Celeriac and cauliflower curry Celeriac salad with walnuts, olive oil &  lemon and pomegranate dressing Celeriac, mushroom & tomato lasagna Celeriac butternut squash lasagna  

Jerusalem Artichoke recipes

Looking for some inspiration for the Jerusalem Artichokes that were in your share this week? Here’s few ideas, kindly compiled by Alison: Jerusalem Artichoke, Celeriac and apple soup (vegan) The recipe items Jerusalem Artichoke and Kale Gratin (Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) lifestyle – 3rd January 2014 Jerusalem Artichoke, radicchio and pear salad ( Thomasina Miers) lifestyle – 20 November 2015 Jerusalem Artichoke, lentil and wild mushroom warm salad recipes – 17th January 2011 Jerusalem Artichoke Gnocchi (vegan & gluten-free) Jerusalem Artichoke and Banana…Continue Reading “Jerusalem Artichoke recipes”

If you need a bit of inspiration for using the blackcurrants and have made all the jam, sorbet, coulis & syrup you need the following recipes for blackcurrant drizzle cake,  blackcurrant tea bread and blackcurrant & almond cake (gluten free) are worth a try  — the drizzle cake seemed to go down well with the team harvesting this morning!

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I always find swede one of the hardest vegetables to cook with other than the usual mash & soup!  I have tried a dozen or so different recipes and would recommend the following:

  • Swede and Quinoa (or buckwheat) salad
  • Indian spiced swede (curry)
  • Roasted swede and feta cheese salad with balsamic

I have also tried spicy swede chips. For best results peel swede and cut into 1 cm thick long chips. Put swede chips into a sieve and run cold water over them then pat dry with kitchen paper. Lay them on baking tray and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over a little olive oil and then shake over either smoked paprika or mix of garam masala and chilli powder . Bake in a 200C oven for 20-25 minutes.

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The butternut squash glut  – mexican casserole, cake & smoothie !

With the large quantity of squash in the share in recent weeks , I thought a couple of slightly different recipes from the usual soup/curry/risottos might not go amiss! If you are looking for inspiration, the Guardian did a piece on their 10 best squash recipes in September 2013- — I can recommend the masala dosa but haven’t been brave enough to try the ice cream.  (

Below are recipes for a Roasted butternut squash enchilada casserole,  a gluten free Butternut coconut & ginger cake and if you still have some squash left over a butternut squash breakfast smoothie !

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Mooli are back in the share this week so Susie & Gavin thought it would be helpful to add some more recipes to the website using this slightly peppery member of the radish family. It is as good raw as cooked so listed below are recipes for a carrot & sesame salad, a pumpkin curry and a savoury patty (a bit like a chinese rosti!). If you search on FLF web page there is also a recipe for a Burmese potato curry using mooli.

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As we were fortunate enough to get more borlotti beans in this weeks share a recipe that combines the best of what is available at the moment. You can add cubes of pancetta or streaky bacon but the original vegetarian version works really well as a meal in itself and goes really well with FLF spicy winter salad! Sarah K’s recipes for borlotti from last year are also on the website .. I can recommend the soup.

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As the globe artichokes will soon be appearing in the (note: this year’s crop will produce artichokes that will be a bit smaller than normal)  Susie suggested I put a couple of recipes on web site. Having not cooked these for some time,  I had to double check how to prepare them properly and so for those new to the artichoke I’d recommend the info/videos on the BBC good food website and/or These are likely to be much clearer than the instructions I have given below!  Having taken two of the smaller artichokes from Runfold earlier this week — whilst they may seem a bit fiddly to prepare the result was delicious!

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Some recipes this week that use a number of the great items stocked by Tracey and the Field Rations team, in particular the new additions of quinoa & buckwheat flour. Search using “fieldration” on the recipes section of the website and they are all listed separately. Many thanks to Tracey for the delicious Buckwheat Granola recipe (see below) which has been requested by many FLF members .

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