Thank you to all members who emailed and called in response to the letter sent on January 22nd regarding the current situation of FLF. The offers of support & continued commitment to FLF are much appreciated.

Having shared the feedback and suggestions from everyone, the Board have agreed that Katie, Jane & Nick can take the project forward which we believe from the feedback will be supported by majority of current members.

Good bye

Gavin will be leaving FLF by the end of March 2017. The Board, on behalf of all our members, would like to thank Gavin for all his tremendous effort over the last three and a half years. Gavin started as our apprentice in 2014 and took over as Head Grower from Susie Crosby in December 2015. Gavin has led FLF through a particularly challenging time in 2016 & 2017 and the Board would like to formally acknowledge his personal leadership & considerable time commitment in managing the closure of Runfold and setting up West Farm. We would like to offer Gavin, Tracey and Jake our very best wishes for the future.

Going Forward

The project will now be led on a day-to-day basis by Katie Forman with the full- time support of Jane Boxall and Nick Follett. They will be making a few changes to how FLF operates, reflecting members’ feedback and will be communicating these over the next couple of months. Please keep an eye on the FLF website and Facebook page where Katie will be posting regular updates.


One of the first changes is that vegetable share collection will now move from a Saturday to a Thursday, with the growers leading the harvest on that day and members will still be welcome to support harvesting. Members will then be able to collect their pre-bagged shares from the Summerhouse at the Packhouse (Runfold) from 4pm-8pm each Thursday. This will commence on Thursday April 5th and more details will be communicated as we get closer to the date.

Transitional Break

To allow the team time to make the transition, and as we are now entering the hungry gap and have a limited supply of vegetables in the fields at West farm & Dippenhall, the last vegetable share collection from Cupsmiths will be on Saturday March 17th. This does mean there will be no vegetable shares for Saturday March 24th and March 31st and we hope members will understand why we are not going to buy in veg to bridge the two-week gap. We still need members to help with the harvest on the three Saturdays in March so please sign up online via the website if you can.

What next

The next 2-3 months will be a challenging & exciting time and the current board members will support Katie, Jane & Nick to ensure that the day-to-day operations of FLF transition successfully. We really do need the active participation of members to help us with this, including a works party at West Farm to set up storage and irrigation – details to be posted shortly. In addition, we will be looking for more members to join the Board from April 2018 so please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved.

General Meeting

There will be a General Meeting on Saturday April 28th to update members and for the new team to set out their plans for the coming year. We would like to encourage as many members as possible to attend so please put the date in your diary.

On behalf of Elaine Brace, David Hepper, Joanna Herbert Stepney,
Marlies van den Hurk, Sarah King & Alison Wood
Board of Farnham Local Food

FLF Jute Bags are here

Jute Shopping Bags from Farnham Local Food, featuring our new logo. These quality, stylish bags – measuring 39 x 35 x 15 cm (approx. 15″ x 13″ x 6″) – at only £5 are perfect for collecting your weekly share of veg. Get in touch to order; just let us know how many you’d like. We can bring your order to Cupsmith, for example.

This weeks share – 16th July 2016
The Standard share this week: 16 July 2016
The Standard share this week: 16 July 2016

Lindsay and the team of harvesters have done a great job again today of putting together another lovely share!

With beetroot back in the ‘box’, more french beans than you could shake a bamboo cane at, broad beans, a delightful looking mixed salad bag (complete with edible flowers), a healthy helping of basil (over 200g), loads of calabrese (broccoli), cucumbers, courgettes and black currents (in addition to the bought in, locally grown new potatoes). With a standard share still working out at £11.50 a week, and everything grown to organic principles, we are certainly giving the supermarkets a run for their money!

The week before last Gerri kindly did a price comparison of our standard share against what she could find on the supermarkets’ websites. We came out much, much cheaper, with the supermarket equivalent working out costing nearly half as much again! I think that some people are under the impression that obtaining their weekly vegetables via Farnham Local food is less cost effective than the supermarkets. Thank you Gerri for dispelling this myth.

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Jerusalem Artichoke recipes

Looking for some inspiration for the Jerusalem Artichokes that were in your share this week? Here’s few ideas, kindly compiled by Alison: Jerusalem Artichoke, Celeriac and apple soup (vegan) The recipe items Jerusalem Artichoke and Kale Gratin (Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) lifestyle – 3rd January 2014 Jerusalem Artichoke, radicchio and pear salad ( Thomasina Miers) lifestyle – 20 November 2015 Jerusalem Artichoke, lentil and wild mushroom warm salad recipes – 17th January 2011 Jerusalem Artichoke Gnocchi (vegan & gluten-free) Jerusalem Artichoke and Banana…Continue Reading “Jerusalem Artichoke recipes”

Yes, Jim the Polytunnel has moved to winter residence and is now back to it’s original location on the field. Here’s a short video of how we do it. We have to make sure that any crops in between where we are moving the tunnel from and where we are moving it to are no more than a foot high, otherwise they’ll get pushed over by the horizontal bracing and tow-bar. So this season we have a bed full of spinach, mooli and turnips that…Continue Reading “Moving Jim, our splendidly mobile polytunnel”

New year, new flf leaflet to share

Happy new year! 2014 was a pretty fantastic year for us at FLF, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that 2015 is going to be much more exciting! And to launch us into the new year we have a new leaflet promoting the virtues of Farnham Local Food. Please have a read, and send it (or the link below to it) to all your friends and families, to help spread the good word and to see if any of them would like to benefit from…Continue Reading “New year, new flf leaflet to share”

October is the month when Summer produce starts to give way to more Autumnal fare. The bean and pea plants have given of their best, and are close to being consigned to the compost heap. Probably the definitive October crop is pumpkin, with its associations with Halloween.

To celebrate the pumpkin and squash crop, we held a harvesting party at our Dippenhall site on Sunday 5th October. Over 30 people turned up to pick a variety for squashes, and to enjoy the Autumn air. Unlike the previous day, when the brave harvesters were soaked through, it was a gloriously sunny day.

Planting GarlicThere was work to be done, of course. As well as picking pumpkins, the volunteers planted garlic, spread manure, tended a bonfire, and even found time to scavenge a few fallen walnuts. The reward was a plate of jacket potatoes and delicious vegetarian chilli. That was followed by a selection of cakes and biscuits, many baked by FLF members.

(Gallery contains 89 images. For the easiest way of scrolling through them is actually here (our Facebook page; Don’t worry, you don’t need an account to view), or click on one of the images to the right, and then use the arrows below the picture)

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We did it!!

You’ve probably heard that our ‘Grow-a-Grower’ crowd-funding campaign was a huge success. What a fantastic feeling! We are over the moon. To all the backers, Thank you! You have pledged to our vision. You have invested in a great project that makes a difference to the community and will now be growing even more. We’ll be in touch soon to get you your rewards. So here we grow: the training of our apprentice as a certified organic grower at the Soil Association is funded and…Continue Reading “We did it!!”

Polytunnel build, part 2 – Friday evening

We made a good start on the new polytunnel last Saturday and are nearly ready for the fun bit: actually putting the hoops up and making it look less like Steptoe’s Yard. Come and join us for the build, part 2 this Friday 2nd anytime from 17:30. Bring some of: Socket set (esp. 8mm & 13mm) 6mm HSS drill bit Adjustable spanners Cordless or corded drill / screwdriver, especially large-chuck types that can take an 8mm and/or 13mm socket. Food! Marker pen Let David know…Continue Reading “Polytunnel build, part 2 – Friday evening”

A funky opening track, and some interesting pieces. The section on FLF starts at 32:18. It’s All Good Radio speaks about Meat Free May, Forest Green Rovers & Farnham Grow A Grower Campaign by It’s All Good on Mixcloud The complete schedule: In the 2nd hour of It’s All Good Radio Show Debbie talks about pioneering football club Forest Green Rovers who are initiating sustainable practices throughout their ground ( She then goes onto talk to Jannat Hossain from Young Friends of the Earth about…Continue Reading “It’s All Good Radio speaks about […] & Farnham Grow A Grower Campaign!”

Retro bikes with vintage style for adults Perfect for canal path and countryside leisurely cycling. Single speed for simplicity and low maintenance Back pedal rear brake, rim type front brake Super comfy saddle Wrap-round front and rear mudguards Retro back swept handlebars Bike stand One careful owner. Will be thoroughly serviced. Near perfect condition for both. Only £500 for the two, by pledging to our Grow-a-Grower fund-raiser. By their nature the bikes are not collapsible and so any necessary transportation is by bike rack.

Spring Planting Day at Runfold

This Saturday 26th, 10am to 4pm Come when you can RSVP if you can but not essential Come and enjoy getting your hands dirty at our Spring Planting Day, including erection of the new polytunnel. Learn to sow seeds; help to plant out Spring Onions and Calabrese; put up the strings for the Climbing French Beans; erect the Runner Bean Wigwams and help us with a spot of therapeutic weeding.  

The Hungry Gap

What is it? The excessively wet weather prevented us from cultivating the soil. Cropping plans are at least two weeks behind schedule. Although the sun is finally starting to shine, and the countryside around us is stirring into life, it might surprise you to know that the next two months are actually some of the least productive when it comes to growing organic vegetables. Ladies and gents, welcome to the so-called “hungry gap”! If you are a UK veg grower, it’s fair to say the…Continue Reading “The Hungry Gap”

Grow-a-Grower Campaign 2014 Let’s transform our relationship with food You can make a difference… support our Grow-a-Grower campaign! The cybre-sun must have been shining again today, as our tomatoes have ripened wonderfully; as of writing we’re now at £4,900, which is 98% of our target. The Grow-a-Grower campaign launched on Saturday (5th April) at our main site, Runfold. We’ll be counting down to the close of the campaign with a celebratory Tea Party this Saturday (3rd May) at 2:59pm. Tickets available from Susie or…Continue Reading

FLF Fundraising Barn Dance – Sat. 15 March

Fundraising Barn Dance

I am sure you will all agree with me that having Gavin around is a huge bonus to FLF and he has done a sterling job while Susie has been off. We look forward to seeing what new ideas he brings as he progresses with his Soil Association course.

In order to make sure we can continue to benefit from this invaluable service FLF is launching the ‘Grow a Grower‘ campaign and this will be inaugurated at our fundraising Barn Dance

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