Blackcurrant cake recipes

If you need a bit of inspiration for using the blackcurrants and have made all the jam, sorbet, coulis & syrup you need the following recipes for blackcurrant drizzle cake,  blackcurrant tea bread and blackcurrant & almond cake (gluten free) are worth a try  — the drizzle cake seemed to go down well with the team harvesting this morning! Continue reading

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.5 – Exposing the Great Romanian Land Grab

Gavin the GrowerHello everybody,

We have now left Romania, where we were meeting Attila Szocs from the organisation ECO RURALIS of peasant farmers, gardeners and consumers. Attila gave us deep insights into the issues of access to land and land grabbing in Romania. He combines high motivation and enthusiasm with profound knowledge and courageous search for justice. Coming to Romania after filming in France, Catalunya and Italy was like entering a different world that would have been familiar to my grandparents. Beautiful landscape full of farms and gardens, small streets, horse carts, strong rural culture, sunshine, Palinka and hearty food. Continue reading

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Growing into The Challenge

We have been having great fun working with a team of volunteers from the National Citizen Service (NCS).  They have been learning about what we do here in our fields, fundraising and coming up with some great ideas to promote eating healthily.  Launching #SELFIEwithaveg.

Thank you to them and the Surrey and Hants News for covering our search for new land to be able to continue this fantastic project on their front page this week.

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.4 – Travelling to Romania

Gavin the GrowerJust a quick update 11/07 by email:

… we’ve crossed Slovenia and are now about 2/3 across Hungary on the our way to Romania. We hope to be there by 8pm tonight, perhaps. The trip is generally going really well. The travelling is understandably tiring, but the projects are very interesting and inspirational.


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Gavin’s Travelogue No.3 – Italia

Gavin the GrowerCiao!

We are on the road again after visiting Rome!

In Rome, Marta Di Pierro (AIAB Lazio) welcomed us and arranged an insightful and highly enjoyable stay in Italy. We visited 2 farming projects that are excellent examples of access to land for agro-ecological farming. Although the projects are very different they have one similarity: They are both the result of negotiations with public authorities. In Italy considerable parts of agricultural land belong to public authorities (as well as the church). Continue reading

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The Compost Loo has Landed

We have our very own toilet facilities at Runfold!

Thunderbox kit

plus labour

equals “Betty’s Temple Garden”.




Continue reading

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.2 – Catalunya

Gavin the GrowerHola from Peter,

The next stop of our road trip filming ACCESS TO LAND FOR AGROECOLOGICAL FARMING in Europe was Catalunya.

We drove to the mountain town of Rialp in the Pyrenees. Here we met Vanesa Freixa and her lovely (all-female) colleagues of Rurbans. Because of the mountain setting and a cool breeze the heatwave that currently melts Europe was not affecting us too much (even though it was 46 degrees).  Continue reading

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Gavin’s Travelogue No.1 – Southern France

Gavin the GrowerOur very own Farnham Local Food apprentice, Gavin Bridger, is currently travelling across Europe as part of an Erasmus+ funded film project to explore the issues of access to land by entrants with a non-farming background. The film, produced by Julio Molina-Montenegro (a Farnham Local Food member,) will document Gavin asking questions about land access in different contexts across Europe and will serve to raise awareness of the Access to Land Partnership by European initiatives seeking to address one of the rising challenges for sustainable rural development in Europe.

Here is the first in a series of Gavin’s travelogue updates from the road. Continue reading

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FLF Fête 2015 – our best ever

We’ve just held our annual Fête and Plant Sale – a great success. We sold pizzas, jam, sausages, veg-scrubbers, chutney and, of course, pots and pots of plants – flowers, herbs and vegetables – and beautiful hanging baskets – all looking their best on a lovely sunny day. There was tea with quantities of home-made cakes, beer and Pimms, to the accompaniment of live music. Pimms in the sunshine, with the jolliest ukulele band in the world – what more could you want?

We enrolled at least seven new members and – since we do seem to attract nice people – I’m sure they’ll be lovely! And the bottom line? We made over £2,000 for FLF funds.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this our best ever Summer Fête.

Joanna H-S

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*General Meeting at Runfold on 11 July 2015*

Come to our General Meeting – all members welcome – at Runfold, starting at 2pm on Saturday, 11 July. Hear about recent developments and challenges, including:

  • Slow progress in finding a new, larger Site
  • Our new Shelter
  • Our new Compost Loo – it should already be in service and open for inspection
  • Where we’re at as a business
  • Meet our new Treasurer, Graham
  • We still need a leader for the Marketing Group
  • Community involvement: ‘Give and Gain Day’ visits
  • More Social and Fund-raising activities in 2015

Come and have your say on FLF’s future. We have a great team but urgently need more help and member involvement.


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