Recipes to make the most of new carrot crop

Some simple recipes for a Carrot dip, a Carrot and Corn salad and Beetroot, Carrot & Goats cheese muffins which I hope will do justice to the new crop of FLFy (Gavin’s ) carrots . Continue reading

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Annual General Meeting 2014

AGMFLF’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at Runfold at Harvest and Food Hub day – Saturday 20 September at 2pm. Come for a review of the year, elections to the Board and have your say about the direction, running and vision for FLF in the coming year.

An agenda will be published here soon. If there is something you would like discussed please contact any member of the board or the grower team. You can also email

We look forward to welcoming old and new members alike.



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Open General Meeting, July 2014 – Minutes

We are what we are because of our Members. Our General Meeting last month was a forum both for informing and for discussing where we are, how we go forward and some of the challenges ahead (and behind!)

Do take a look at the Minutes, carefully taken and written up by Marlies. Feel free to comment – here or in person to any board member.

Open Meeting Minutes PDF

David, Secretary

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Globe artichokes – simply steamed or stuffed with couscous

As the globe artichokes will soon be appearing in the (note: this year’s crop will produce artichokes that will be a bit smaller than normal)  Susie suggested I put a couple of recipes on web site. Having not cooked these for some time,  I had to double check how to prepare them properly and so for those new to the artichoke I’d recommend the info/videos on the BBC good food website and/or These are likely to be much clearer than the instructions I have given below!  Having taken two of the smaller artichokes from Runfold earlier this week — whilst they may seem a bit fiddly to prepare the result was delicious!

Continue reading

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Kohlrabi salad ideas

A couple recipes (Indian spiced kohlrabi & quinoa and Kohlrabi, beetroot & apple with lime) that are just a bit different from the standard coleslaw .. there is also an Asian salad recipe somewhere on the website if you search! Continue reading

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Broad beans!

To accompany Eleanor’s splendid new drawing a couple of recipes to make the most of the broad beans – a middle eastern dip and a broad bean burger !

Ps I can recommend the Wisley recipe for the courgette and basil bread (leaflets in the Yurt) .. though it did make a very large loaf ! Continue reading

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Open General Meeting of FLF, Sat. 19 July 2014

We invite all members to our General Meeting during share-collection time, starting at 2pm on Saturday 19 July.

We’re a Co-op so come and have your say in the running and direction of your project.

There will be reports from our grower Susie, membership sec. Kerstin, treasurer Tony, and chair & co-op secretary David. If you would like something specific discussed please contact Marlies or me in advance so that we can make time for you. See the Contact us page for details of how to get in touch.

We’ve a few announcements, too:

- New Board members;

- Membership Secretary needed;

- Cob Oven decor finished – come and admire;

- Noticeboard project;

- Winter shelter project (and others);

- Reducing our reliance on bought-in veg;

- More volunteers needed for gardening, the watering rota and work parties;

Come and air your views on these and anything else.


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Kohlrabi asian salad

Most cookbooks seem to treat Kohlrabi the same as turnip .. but that did not seem quite right for the summer so this quick salad recipe offers a twist on the usual kohl-slaw! It  makes enough for 4-6 as a side dish (depending on the size of the Kohlrabi). I added blanched rice noodles and broccoli florets to make it a lunch dish. Continue reading

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Stuffed Courgette Flowers

Before .. Runfold

After …

Anne & Sunny harvested some splendid courgettes on Saturday morning so I felt this warranted a simple & quick (non deep fat fried!) recipe for stuffing the  flowers so they could be enjoyed at their best. This makes enough to stuff 4-6 flowers. Continue reading

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Field Rations Recipes – Granola, lentil & quinoa burgers, cashew hummus & chocolate cake!

Some recipes this week that use a number of the great items stocked by Tracey and the Field Rations team, in particular the new additions of quinoa & buckwheat flour. Search using “fieldration” on the recipes section of the website and they are all listed separately. Many thanks to Tracey for the delicious Buckwheat Granola recipe (see below) which has been requested by many FLF members . Continue reading

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