FLF Fête 2015 – our best ever

We’ve just held our annual Fête and Plant Sale – a great success. We sold pizzas, jam, sausages, veg-scrubbers, chutney and, of course, pots and pots of plants – flowers, herbs and vegetables – and beautiful hanging baskets – all looking their best on a lovely sunny day. There was tea with quantities of home-made cakes, beer and Pimms, to the accompaniment of live music. Pimms in the sunshine, with the jolliest ukulele band in the world – what more could you want?

We enrolled at least seven new members and – since we do seem to attract nice people – I’m sure they’ll be lovely! And the bottom line? We made over £2,000 for FLF funds.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this our best ever Summer Fête.

Joanna H-S

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*General Meeting at Runfold on 11 July 2015*

Come to our General Meeting – all members welcome – at Runfold, starting at 2pm on Saturday, 11 July. Hear about recent developments and challenges, including:

  • Slow progress in finding a new, larger Site
  • Our new Shelter
  • Our new Compost Loo – it should already be in service and open for inspection
  • Where we’re at as a business
  • Meet our new Treasurer, Graham
  • We still need a leader for the Marketing Group
  • Community involvement: ‘Give and Gain Day’ visits
  • More Social and Fund-raising activities in 2015

Come and have your say on FLF’s future. We have a great team but urgently need more help and member involvement.


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The 2015 FLF Video

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Vote for FLF in the Aviva Community Fund competition

There are two things you have to vote for this week, our new prime minister but, more importantly, for a grant for Farnham Local Food from Aviva!


Please could you also send the link round to as many other folk as you possibly can so that we can get more votes than anyone else?!

Aviva Community Fund Website

Vote for FLF on the Aviva Community Fund website.

We’re rather in need of some new tools, and so this fund application will help us and the volunteers manage the growing, in our very much hands-on way of working the land.

Thank you so much!!

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The FLF Summer Fete & Plant Sale

FLF Fete 2015 A4 poster

Farnham Local Food’s 2015 Summer Fete and Plant Sale is on Sunday 7th of June, with a wide selection of garden plants and vegetable seedlings for sale.

Download a printable poster

It will be a wonderful event and there will be lots going on:
* Plant stall – flowers and vegetables
* Teas and cakes stall
* Pizza
* Morsbags
* Tombola
* Children’s activities – treasure hunt, tee-shirt weaving
* Victorian bottle stall
* Bees working in a contained hive
* Beer and pimms tent
* Live music

Do come along!

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*General Meeting this Saturday 21st March*

Come to our General Meeting- all members welcome – at Runfold, starting at 2pm this Saturday, 21 March. We’ll be hearing from the Board about recent developments and challenges, including:

  • Lease renewal to the end of 2016 for our Runfold site
  • Award from Farnham Town Council for a new Shelter
  • Award from Community Foundation for Surrey for a Compost Loo at Dippenhall
  • Where we’re at as a business
  • Finding a new, larger Site
  • New Group to organise the Site Move
  • Recruiting a new Treasurer
  • Recruiting a leader and members for the Marketing Group
  • Recruiting a co-ordinator for Field Rations
  • Groups due to Visit Us
  • Apprentice’s Report
  • Social and Fundraising activities in 2015
  • Limits on car parking at Runfold

Come and have your say on FLF’s future. We have a great team but urgently need more help now that we have a deadline to leave Runfold.


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Swede Recipes

I always find swede one of the hardest vegetables to cook with other than the usual mash & soup!  I have tried a dozen or so different recipes and would recommend the following:

  • Swede and Quinoa (or buckwheat) salad
  • Indian spiced swede (curry)
  • Roasted swede and feta cheese salad with balsamic

I have also tried spicy swede chips. For best results peel swede and cut into 1 cm thick long chips. Put swede chips into a sieve and run cold water over them then pat dry with kitchen paper. Lay them on baking tray and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over a little olive oil and then shake over either smoked paprika or mix of garam masala and chilli powder . Bake in a 200C oven for 20-25 minutes. Continue reading

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New year, new flf leaflet to share

Happy new year!

2014 was a pretty fantastic year for us at FLF, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that 2015 is going to be much more exciting!

And to launch us into the new year we have a new leaflet promoting the virtues of Farnham Local Food.

Please have a read, and send it (or the link below to it) to all your friends and families, to help spread the good word and to see if any of them would like to benefit from all that FLF offers.

Farnham Local Food leaflet - Jan 2015 (pdf, 380KB)

link to leaflet PDF: www.farnhamfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/FarnhamLocalFood-leaflet.pdf

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The butternut squash glut – mexican casserole, cake & smoothie !

With the large quantity of squash in the share in recent weeks , I thought a couple of slightly different recipes from the usual soup/curry/risottos might not go amiss! If you are looking for inspiration, the Guardian did a piece on their 10 best squash recipes in September 2013- — I can recommend the masala dosa but haven’t been brave enough to try the ice cream.  (www.theguardian.com/lifestyle/10bestrecipes)

Below are recipes for a Roasted butternut squash enchilada casserole,  a gluten free Butternut coconut & ginger cake and if you still have some squash left over a butternut squash breakfast smoothie ! Continue reading

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Celeriac Recipes – using the six in this weeks share!

The recipes that were in the yurt are posted below …. this week my celeriac turned into delicious crisps (thinly slice, toss in oil, salt and paprika and bake at 170C for 20-25 minutes)  – apparently better for you than regular crisps .. well that is my excuse! Continue reading

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