One of the most enjoyable tasks at the farm is harvesting.  Ripened crops all need harvesting ready for collection each Saturday morning.  If we have enough people to harvest it only takes an hour or so and its quite peaceful to do the picking and chatting with fellow harvesters about anything and everything.  You never know you might get hooked and come every week like some of our regulars!

All members are welcome.  We start at 10am and are usually finished by middayish.

Look out for special harvest days in our events calendar!

One Response to Harvesting

  1. I have no excuse to get bored now, Tues, Thurs, Saturdays FLF 09:40-2:30 approx, Mon, Wed, Fri HWF 09:45-4~45, that’s something to do each day in part and just leaves Sun “day off”. But puts no cash in my pocket, shall have to workout first thing or maybe evenings. Have little time left for paid jobs at the mo’ but could look at Co-op position maybe as a fill-in or get involved more in what I already do, networking,

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