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  1. Robert Simpson says:

    Where do I look to find the Newsletter archive or even the latest edition of the Newsletter?

  2. Please use our Farnham Local Food facebook page as a place of debate, conversation and information-sharing. If you have an issue relevant to local food and communities, from whatever angle, just post it on the facebook page for people to read and comment.

    Members can subscribe to a RSS feed if they wish to know automatically about new postings that interest them. There are different schedules available.

    This may be one way of dealing with the irritating problem of unwanted emails circulating among members. You can choose.

    Perhaps an issue to discuss is whether members would like to have a dedicated blog site, like a wordpress.com platform, rather than using our Facebook page. Anyway, for now, please post your views on the facebook page.

    • Sarah says:


      Farnhamfood.com is a wordpress site albeit wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com. If facebook isn’t enough of a free-for-all forum maybe this site could up the profile of postings.

      All latest comments appear in the right hand column of the front page….

  3. Robert Simpson says:

    Please Post this:

    Food Security: how important will it be in choosing where to live?

    It is not impossible to imagine that in 5 to 10 years time security of food supply will become of increasing concern for people. The availability of fresh food through the supermarket system may become more erratic and more expensive.

    Food security will become increasingly decisive in choosing where to live and bring up a family. With food security comes more certainty and control over provenance and, in the case of a co-operative, more democratic control. In such a situation a well-established and flourishing Farnham Local Food co-operative makes Farnham a good place to live in. Towns which do not have effective local food systems will become unattractive.

    I think it worth making this point to the Mayor, Stephen Hill, when he pays us an informal visit at the Runfold site on Thursday to see around and talk to volunteers. Its high time that FTC became pro-active in supporting FLF.

    Make your comments on our interactive Facebook page at

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