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FLF Volunteering News – Jan 2013

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The official Winter season volunteering start date is Tuesday 15th January (and Thursday.)
However, after spying Sarah K busily weeding at Runfold yesterday I would like to let you all know that if the call of the veg patch beckons then please feel welcome to go along to either site if the feeling takes you; any time is fine. There is always weeding, strolling about dreaming, huddling around the fire in the yurt to be done.

You may think that there is not much to be done in the depths of the winter – you would be surprised. We will be trying to tidy up both of our sites, weeding, organising and doing soil preparation. We will also be sowing seeds steadily, starting off quite calmly with tomatoes, broad beans and onions next week and roaring to a frantic crescendo in mid April and then as you will remember continuing sowing until mid October – wow!

Cob Oven front elevation – click for a larger image

I always try and do a little something different during the winter and this winter we have decided to build ourselves a cob oven. This is quite a large project for us and we want to do a good job, something we can be proud of and take with us when we move. Robert and Sid are going to lead this project and I include some preliminary sketches done by Rob to whet your appetite. When we have finished we will be able to bake our own bread and cook our own pizzas in the open which will be great fun. I need to discover some recipes for bread and pizza using Kholrabi and Mooli – Yeuk! If you search on ‘google images’ for ‘cob ovens’ you can see all sorts of beautiful creations.


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  1. I have just waded through Farnham Park – my useful suggestion for a new crop to grow this year would be watercress……..any chance if this weather continues?
    I noticed in M&S Waterloo Station that they are selling sushi style wraps with mooli acting as the wrap. What about mooli chips/crisps to go with the pizzas? cheers E

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