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Guest post – its a fluffy fashionable farnham foods

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Weighing the carrots


I have been kindly invited to ‘guest blog’ on this FLF site but I will keep it quite brief with just a couple of pictures sprinkled in.

The year is drawing to a close and the weather is getting colder and down at Runfold we are beginning to swap our trusty spades for pick-axes in the attempt to coax the carrots and leeks from their beds.  Even the slugs are noticeable by their absence leaving our vegetables vulnerable to only the very select and furry vermin who are muscling in on the action.  And boy do they have muscle!

Nothing can be planned or decided without a stop for tea and homemade cake


Now the Yurt has a lovely working stove the hot topics of vegetables and world domination are now plotted in the warmth.  As well as the trials and tribulations of massacred beetroot and lacy spinach the subject of the forthcoming fashion show has been high up on the agenda. Do have a look at my recent Post entitled ‘Salad dressing hits the runway’ on my blog and read more about the plans and details behind this exciting event …

cheers Eleanor


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  1. Click onto the facebook link and read Eleanor’s piece about the fabulous fashion show at Bury Court Barn. Also, Penney’s piece too, if you’ve not seen that.
    If you missed the show here’s a chance to see some photos by Amanda Reid, and get a feel for the great atmosphere of The Barn beautifully presented by Suzanne Lemieux!

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