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Harvesting is the New Saturday Social Event.

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Last  Saturday the 13th August was a bumper harvest, both for the size of the vegetable share and for the number of helpers who turned out to pick the vegetables.

We had 30 adults (yes 30!) helping with the harvest and a good handful of children too, which I think officially makes harvesting a social event!  Many of our regulars turned up, as well as an influx of new people who hadn’t harvested before.  The word seems to be out that harvesting is not a chore, but is in fact an enjoyable few hours to get a bit of exercise, fresh air and meet some new people.

Thank you all for coming, it was such a pleasurable morning and of course extra thanks for those hardy Fluffies who stayed on and dug up my least favourite crop of Dock Leaves, the harvest was complete and George had rotovated 3 ex weedy beds all in 2 hours and that gave us  longer to catch up at tea break with Sarah’s chocolate brownies, Susie’s Courgette and chocolate cake and roasted sunflower seeds!…   See you all again soon?

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1 thought on “Harvesting is the New Saturday Social Event.

  1. Can someone please let me have the recipe for a type of bread made with All Bran which a member produced at a harvest towards the end of the summer. It was so good altho’ I cannot remember who made it.
    Many thanks

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